The branch of medicine that aims at reforming destroyed body organs and tissues is referred to as regenerative medicine. The restoration of the damaged tissues and organs is achieved by the use of human stem cells. This is due to the fact that they have the greater potential of multiplying themselves and can, therefore, regenerate whole tissues and organs in a very limited time frame. Stem cells used for this purpose are derived from the embryo.

It is required that an embryo be destroyed for stem cells to be obtained. Owing to the fact that destroying an embryo is equivalent to destroying possible life of a human being, regenerative medicine has been regarded as controversial. It is, however noteworthy that this therapy relies on the premise of saving an already existing life at the expense of a potential form of life. Furthermore, there are medical findings that might obviate the need to use an embryo to conduct regenerative medicine procedures in the future.

Regenerative medicine can be applied to treat a number of human conditions. Abnormalities such as cancer, which involves the abnormal replication of human cells can be cured using this process. Abnormalities in the human immune system can also be regulated using regeneration medicine. Also, adverse effects associated with aging can and neurological disorders can be checked using this form of medicine. Regenerative medicine can also be used to replace wholly damaged parts of the body such as the skin and the bones. Know about Spine Institute Northwest here!

Owing to the fact that reformative medicine can be applied for a number of use cases, it also brings about many advantages. First of all, there is no form of medicine that can be used to restore the missing parts of a human body other than by use of this kind of medicine. Because the bodies are restored to their original form, the patients do not have to live as dependents on their family members and in this way their reduce the burden shouldered by their family members. Because of this, such people can continue to raise their families instead of abandoning their responsibilities. For more facts about medicines, visit this website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicine.

Also, regenerative medicine can alleviate adverse effects of aging. This happens because parts that have long ceased to function as a result of the aging process are recreated in a way that the person continues to have them function as though they never were unfunctional.  People who will undergo this therapy will leave to their fullness without feeling the pain of old age. Consequently, they end up living for longer periods than people who never used this medicine therapy. Because of this, regenerative medicine can be said to be a way to enhance human longevity. Know Dr. Solomon Kamson here!


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